chris brans  

A hierarchy of men measuring the floors and walls.
All for the purpose of perfection.

This is how it should have been.
Instead of making a herringbone floor, I think we all preferred drawing in the sand using my hand.
And in the end, I am happy things turned out the way they did.

The idea for the structure of the floor came from an image.
A herringbone-like BEŞİKTAŞ fabric, that moves in time and space.
Like all floors do.

The things that pass while I was strafing sideways, pointing a camera at these things.
It's behind the Blue Mosque, the floor is in Tuyap. There's no difference.

The floor the floor to the floor.
The floor was designed, right there on the spot, by one of the men who also did the measuring.
It happened in an instant, leaving u awed at the speed and determination of his ability to translate mere thought into action.

Cast an Eye / Without a Blush
Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch
Tuyap Art Fair Istanbul